Tonewall’s First Video! – Justin Timberlake: Can’t Stop the Feeling

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I’m looking at this video and I’m cheesing real hard. It’s hard to believe we’re only coming up on two years since the chorus just held auditions for Tonewall. Making this video was a ki and a half, as you’ll see. Plus, I got to twiddle the knobs and faders as the recording and mix engineer. You’ll also hear me hit a healthy G4. 💁🏾

Major shout out and love to our director(slash manager), Timorell. We’re here because all the hard work we don’t get to see you do.

Extra love to the other chorus members who came to party along with us; to Dain Evans, director and videographer; to Justin Benefiel, our editor; to Ryan Scoble, our choreographer; and to Sean Segerstrom (copping the bandana) our dance captain.

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