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A blend of 90s R&B with space-age Future Soul, “Heaven” is my songwriting debut. It’s about finding Heaven in love. It’s a song about reinventing my definition of Heaven. Put simply: a post-religious make out jam.

“Being gay isn’t love. It’s perversion.” That’s a message that resounded in my head as a kid in Brooklyn. Healing from that has taken a lot of time. When I started writing “Heaven”, it very bright and happy. As I stepped further into my truth as a queer and nonbinary person, that started to change.

This is about resisting the idea that who I am deserves condemnation. This is about healing my relationship with love, romance, sex, and intimacy. I hope that it can help others in our beautiful LGBTQIA+ community do the same.

Also available in lossless FLAC (HD) format.