About Jo

With a smile on their face, Jo Lee (PGP: they/theirs) would say that life has been the best voice teacher and determination taught them how to write, compose and produce. Born and raised in Brooklyn before the Great Hipster Diaspora, if there was an opportunity for them to create, they pushed it as far as they could.

Growing up in a church with a Grammy-winning gospel choir and an affinity for music with soul, groove and passion, they spent a few years cultivating their sound and are ready to let the world hear it. Jo prays that anyone who takes the time to listen will be entertained and come out of it feeling like they are born a winner.

#Jamuary Challenge

For the month of January, 2018, I joined hundreds of other producers around the world for #Jamuary. While the challenge is to work on your craft and record it everyday, I took it a step further.

Everyday, I challenged myself to create at least 16 – 32 bars of new music, usually surpassing that goal. With each piece of music, I created a new piece of cover art and a motion graphic video for sharing on YouTube and Instagram.

That kind of experience teaches you a lot about yourself. Carbon asked for an interview about my process and what I learned. Read it here.