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Heaven is Jo Lee’s songwriting debut and self-produced from topline to bassline. To get right to the point, Heaven is a post-religious psychedelic R&B make out jam.

What started as a happy song took on life as a song about resisting that being queer is wrong. Heaven is about reimagining paradise and finding it in love in all its shapes.

Turn a look. Have 'em shook.

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About Jo Lee

Portrait of Jo Lee looking into the camera.

Jo Lee (they/them) is a singer, songwriter, and producer born and raised in Brooklyn. Possessing a voice often described as luxurious, their sound blends R&B and Pop with Hip Hop, Funk, and Afro-Latin grooves. Being nonbinary, Jo Lee also likes to think of their vocal sound as nonbinary. Exploring the full range of their register and tiered harmonies are part of their vocal signature.

On stage, Jo Lee has a reputation for making you cry one minute and serving sass in the next. They love playing the line between New York City’s distinct glamour and grit.

Jo Lee is an active member of the queer a cappella group TONEWALL. The group is the current northeast champion of the International Aca-Open semifinal (The real life ‘Pitch Perfect’). TONEWALL performed at Carnegie Hall, PrideFest at World Pride, Yankee Stadium, Red Bulls Stadium, and Sony Hall.

For all my nonbinary friends who want to send a clear message about your pronouns. You tried the nametags. A sparkly, but polite pin on your jacket. But there are people who still insist on pressing your last nerve. Being nonbinary isn’t about how you look. But, maybe having the option to turn a look in your pronouns might be nice. 

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